Holden Knight Group

is a leading recruitment services provider for over 12 years specialising in Healthcare, Education and International Medical recruitment. Growing rapidly to now cover all of the UK along with highly prestigious organisations in the Gulf, we pride ourselves in always ensuring we put our clients and candidates first. We understand the importance of recruitment for any organisation and we strive to be a true




HK Healthcare

Holden Knight Healthcare is a UK based healthcare recruitment agency that focuses on supplying registered nurses across the private industry in UK. Our business model and strategic use of technology allows us to excel in the rapid sourcing, screening and selection of candidates while at the same time our Consultants are trained to understand the values of our clients and empathise with nurses to find their next role

HK Education

Holden Knight Education provides bespoke Temporary and Permanent recruitment services to Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Schools across the UK.





HK International Medical

Holden Knight is a UK based healthcare recruitment agency that specialises in recruiting the highest calibre healthcare professionals from the best healthcare systems in the world exclusively for our clients in the Middle East

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